"The coming" - International project open to all!!

The Coming

The coming is a project I’ve been nurturing in my mind for about a year now and now that the Internet and independent filmmaking have both become much easier and more accessible to people in different countries and classes I believe that it is finally time to bring it to life.

The idea behind this project is to gather up literally as many scenes/shots/movies and edit them into a tapestry of worldwide artistry describing the same extraordinary phenomenon at the center of the main storyline. People who take it upon themselves to participate will create a scene, a shot or even a short movie by using their own skills, locations of choice and desired format. There is no boundary for what their short scene can be about or how it should be shot. The vision requires a great amount of scenes, each unique in the way it looks, sounds and directed.

Once enough material has been shot and collected, it will all be edited together into what will hopefully become the most unique film ever created and not only that, it will also be created by a global crew and become the first ever global film made to date.

Everyone on this project deserves full credit and will certainly receive it, the project does not belong to one man it belongs to all who take part (and pride) in its creation.

The phenomenon itself is a mystery the aim of the movie is not to solve it or to reveal it, it can be anything; aliens, the messiah, world war III, etc. The idea is not to describe it or try to figure out what it is but instead only to react to it. Knowing full well the abilities at the fingertips of every independent filmmaker these days I would love to have some special FX shots in as well but they too must be rather vague and ambiguous in their meaning they cannot be something concrete. Showing a light flying out from behind a hill or a house is great as long as we can’t be sure if it looks like an angel or like a flying saucer. Again, the trick is to avoid any keen description of the phenomenon textually or visually. Hence the title "The coming" , it can be the second coming, the coming of war or the coming of aliens anything is possible. Scenes can be literally anything, ranging from interviews to video evidence to a farmhouse where a family is bunched together with guns when they hear/see something approaching it can and should be anything and everything.

Any format is acceptable and anyone who is interested in helping out in any way is more than invited to participate and receive credit for their work, however, credit is all I can offer since this project is aimed at creating something unique and challenging but has no funding. I don’t mean this to be the indie movie of the year, instead, I think we should focus on creating something unique, with a meaning that we can look back on and say I had a part in that extraordinary project I have long wanted to make an international filmmaking effort and I believe that our time requires something of the sort to show that there is more than mayhem and war within us and that together we can create and not only destroy. The heart of this project is in its very essence of international collaboration.

This has the potential of becoming a cult hit I can’t imagine why anyone with a camera wouldn’t want to be a part of it, and I hope you will too.

With thanks,
Oded Kojocaru.
Creator/Director/Producer of The Coming project.
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