That Oculus Rift sure looks sweet :)

So I'm not sure what we're seeing here. Is that guy's reaction authentic, or is it a put-on? If the former, wow!

This is interesting.
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I'm not sure people react that heavily to it. I'v had the pleasure of doing a brief skiing session with the oculus rift at FMX last week, and I thought it was pretty managable.

There's still a bit of lag between moving your head and the image in front of your eyes moving, and the resolution of the screens is still way too low (you could easily count the pixels).
However I must say it was quite an immersive experience, that can get funky at times.


Hahaha! love that vid. :D

I quite believe the extreme and funny reactions some people have to this. Their experiences reminded me of the first time I saw a roller coaster vid on a '360' cine screen (the screen was projected onto a giant dome that the audience stood under). I nearly pulled a lady to the ground after inadvertantly grabbing her handbag
to steady myself as I fell over. She probably thought I was trying to rob her! :D

I can imagine that the extra isolation and immersion from the headsets would really add to the disorientation.

It's going to be interesting to see if VR headsets really have finally come of age for the home markets. We've been promised this new age of immersion is just around the corner since the 80's!
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Wow. Damn. Is that the future of 3D, then?

Will we all be sitting in the theater (premium theaters, I suppose) wearing one of these things? Imagine, you're watching Avatar 3, and you're able to look around "yourself, at the local" at will while the movie plays, even looking away from the actors, the action, or center of drama while the film plays on. Wouldn't make much sense for a lot of films. But for films like Avatar with generated locations, could be really amazing.


No need for premium theatres, it'll will be available to stream from!

:rolleyes: :lol:

I think Richie's comment about Avatar could bear some significantly ominous undertones about the future of movies though. How long before real-time rendering power allows it to become mainstream and 2d images become legacy formats? Maybe there will always be a separation driven by artistic and consumer needs, and film/gaming as we know will survive on the strength of the artists vision being better than the end users. Lets face it, if you could choose to look anywhere you wanted, how much of 'Batman 27:The Gothening' would you miss while distracted by Catwoman's arse?

While this tech has always intrigued us gamers, until it becomes discrete enough (and dev supported!) it will just be another VR headset in a long line of them.

A much more important point though, is when the heck will I get my 'Better than life' game?! :hmm: