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Terror on Lynderboro St | A Short Film of Finite Horror

I spent the month making a short horror film with my friends. It's about an old haunted road we used to visit when we were younger. Check it out if you have 20
minutes of self-loathing to spare. Also, Happy Halloween!
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Watched the entire thing. Absolutely great. A reminder of how far you can go with just a good sense of humor and some energy. I've seen movies where they spent 6 million dollars and it wasn't this entertaining.
No problem, I find it wierd that people comment so little on the video section of the site, seeing as this is a filmmaking forum. These films are what it's all about right?

Extra shot out to the Ben Aycock guy, who was especially hilarious. Can't wait to see your Halloween film next year!
Hey jack, I really liked you're project, I'm working in the sound department and I'd like to reach you, where could I ?
Would mean a lot !