T3i and shotgun Mic help!

Hello and welcome everyone!

I have just recently purchased and received a canon Rebel T3i with an Azden SGM-2x. I have the shotgun mic all hooked up to my camera and you can see the auto levels on the camera moving, but when the video is played back, there is no voice to be heard! I don't know if it's the mic or the cable. Any suggestions or help?

When you play back sound & picture where? From the camera? From your NLE? Are you sure the footage imported into the NLE properly?

That's part of the problem with DSLR audio, you have no idea what is happening until you get the footage into post. That's why you should go second system.
When I play the sound on my camera, I hear no sound. However, I do hear the sound once my video is the computer. Is there any way to fix this, or is it like this for all shotgun mics? Plus how do I get rid of the picture noise in the video? Do I need an editing software to remove the constant fuzziness of the film?