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Stupid Guy's gravity camera (IndieMeet 2015)

Here's my latest IndieMeet Stupid Guy video. It's pretty funny.


I apologize in advance for such late notice. If any of you guys/gals are in the Las Vegas area the weekend of June 5th - 7th, please stop by! And, bring your short movies!

Lots of food, drink and viewing under the stars.

Friday 6pm - 2am buffet dinner, snacks and movies.
Saturday 2pm - 2am Presentations, demos, pizza and more movies.
Sunday 5pm barbecue

Message me for the address. We do offer floor space for sleepovers.

Don't know what IndieMeet is? Watch this:


and this:


and this:

One last reminder - IndieMeet starts tomorrow (Friday, June 5th). We are in full prep mode, my wife (a professional chef) is cooking up a storm with 5 refrigerator/freezers going.


Anybody watch the 90 second Stupid Guy video? (above)