I don't post a lot here, mainly because I'm more of a cartoonist...but I have a question regarding the use of stock footage. and in this case [and like the title of this little post suggests]'s any stock footage with any sort of charity event. anything that represents charity at all.

and seeing as how getting the point across in an animated form with as little images as possible and no dialogue, I figured I could use a live action shot to do it. I don't do you represent charity? I just wanted to see if anyone had any input here on the subject. the deadline is coming up pretty soon. I didn't know where to post this, so I guess I'm still qualified as a noob.

thanks for reading and/or helping.....
hey, lots of folks down your way making films. Ask someone on the boards here to go capture some footage. Get exactly what you want. I have been known to capture and deliver free footage.. chickens? I got all yer chicken footage needs covered!
hey, a reply. lol. I'm not very good at asking people to shoot something for me, but luckly, I seemed to have found a late 50s instructional video about helping others in the public domain that'll work. I would totally wait to get something more specific if this deadline wasn't creeping so close. thanks for the reply and input.