Sticker shock?? O M G

As I poke around on Withoutabox searching for festivals with 'music video' submission fees that don't cost an arm and a leg, I came across this one and nearly choked on my coffee!


Earlybird Deadline = $100.00 ??? :eek: :seeya:

Seriously?? Who would throw down that sort of cash? Unreal.

I've also come across some in their 1st year that take place in some Podunk town in the middle of nowhere and their earlybird deadlines are $50 or $60. :lol: "We're the Cannes of Smith County!" [Pop. 2,133]


Has anyone noticed the fees of festivals going up up and running amok?
I can appreciate the time and costs to put on a festival, but man, when you're a no-name festival that's pretty ludicrous to charge that, especially for a music video when they can run 15-20 of them an hour.

Oh wait, it's discounted to $90. That's a whole new story.
$90?? Count me in! :lol:

If I come across a few more I'll post 'em. I don't have a problem with spending a little more on certain "big" festivals, but typically my cutoff is $35. If I miss the earlybird and the regular deadline is reasonable, I might go for it.

Also, what about festivals that require DCPs? That can add up!
In general, Withoutabox makes every festival have higher entry fees in return for more entries. I would search other places before going through Withoutabox.