news Steven Spielberg Is ‘Proud’ of ‘Indiana Jones 5’: ‘I Thought I Was the Only One’ Who Could Make These

Steven Spielberg is tuning in for James Mangold’s vision of the final “Indiana Jones” installment starring Harrison Ford.

Franchise creator Spielberg revealed that he saw “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” ahead of the film’s 2023 Cannes debut. “Dial of Destiny” is the first “Indiana Jones” film not directed by Spielberg; the Oscar winner executive produces the film along with story co-creator George Lucas.

“I just had that experience two nights ago,” Spielberg said at the Time 100 Summit (via Variety). “Bob Iger had a screening for a lot of the Disney executives, and I came to the screening along with the director James Mangold. Everybody loved the movie. It’s really, really a good ‘Indiana Jones’ film. I’m really proud of what Jim has done with it.”

Spielberg added, “When the lights came up I just turned to the group and said, ‘Damn! I thought I was the only one who knew how to make one of these.'”

The “Indiana Jones” franchise began in 1981 with “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” followed by sequels “Temple of Doom,” “Last Crusade,” and “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

“Dial of Destiny” director Mangold, who previously helmed “Ford v. Ferrari” and “Logan,” said earlier this year that the final “Indiana Jones” chapter with Ford in the lead sets out to honor Spielberg’s groundwork for the character.

“I am under no illusions that my job making an ‘Indiana Jones’ film was to suddenly beat the humor out of it and turn it into some kind of dirge,” Mangold told Entertainment Weekly. “I think that what we’re trying to do is balance both an accurate and realistic appraisal of where this character would be at this time in his life, and do that honestly, and at the same time, try and carry forward what the very title of our movie promises, which is a romp and a wonderful adventure with action and chivalry and escapes by the skin of your nose and ingenious solutions to diabolical problems. This is an ‘Indiana Jones’ film.”

Mangold continued, “I’m always interested in this idea of a hero at sunset. What does the hero do when the world no longer has a place for him? I find it really interesting to try to look at classical heroes through the prism of our jaundiced contemporary attitudes.”

“Dial of Destiny” is set 10 years after the events of “Crystal Skull” and also features a flashback to 1944, with a de-aged Ford. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Antonio Banderas, Shaunette Renee Wilson, Thomas Kretschmann, Toby Jones, Boyd Holbrook, and Mads Mikkelsen also star. Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan denied having a surprise cameo in the film.
I wonder how an aging Harrison Ford would come out in this movie. I would have liked Sean Patrick Flannery, who played "Young Indiania Jones" in the 1990's, to make a cameo.