Starting a "Non for Profit",is it worth the effort

Non for Profit Yes, No or Undecided

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I'm new at the fund raising business as well as being a documentarian. As everyone already knows, it's a foregone conclusion that raising cash is work in itself. Would anyone agree that maybe starting a Non-for-profit would make things a little easier to lure the investors :?:

This question is assuming that one intends to make films for charity, such as educational purposes and so forth.

I'm trying to weigh the pro's :D & the con's :twisted:
Welcome to IndieTalk. Good luck with the poll! :D
stay away from non profit

I've dealt with PBS on a childrens show recently and I can say right now, the outlook is really hard for corporates to go after small productions such as yourself. Why? You've not done anything relative to show that their money would be wisely invested. Not only that, but 501 c's are a bitch to form. Why be non profit anyway? Look ,I don't know what kind of product that you may or may not have, but consider funding it yourself, I mean really, why ask people to invest if you won't invest everything you have already? Do a trailer, go to the industry trade shows, is a good consideration. Not trying to be harsh, but this is the real world we live in and unless you've got some really proven track record or hell of a script or marketable movie, its going to be tough-but it can be done, so don't give up.