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STANLEY CUBA World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Fest!

STANLEY CUBA will have its World Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival!
Showtimes 9pm Sat 27 Jan. -- At Victoria Hall Theater. Afterparty follows.
Additional screening 31 Jan 12:30pm.

Here is the writeup from the festival:
" Stanley Cuba is a hapless photographer whose life seems to parallel that of legendary director Stanley Kubrick. During a particularly bad week he searches for his lost dog Spartacus, mourns the death of Joey Ramone, is hounded by Hell's lawyers out to claim his artistic soul, and recovers from a breakup with a girl who has "repurposed" their relationship. His salvation is his art, in particular winning an upcoming photography competition.

STANLEY CUBA is a sophisticated parody of Stanley Kubrick's films that, along the way, skewers many ripe topics including the seriousness of high art (Stanley's teacher admonishes him to "attack the audienceā€¦because art is war") and the nature of parody itself.

The heart of this inventive film is in the clever and playful set pieces through which Stanley's strange journey takes him. The director, Per Anderson, wittily recreates the sets, style and technique of several Kubrick films including A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, EYES WIDE SHUT, THE SHINING and DR. STRANGELOVE. Stanley (Mike Birbiglia) is amusingly beleaguered, reflecting both pretension and resignation, and the many other supporting characters, many proxies for characters in Kubrick films, are well cast, parodying just to the point of absurdity.

It is an imaginative, deadpan comedy with a unique vision that will delight film aficionados, especially those familiar with the iconography and artistic ambition of Stanley Kubrick's films.

- Mahil Senathirajah"

Thanks INDIETALK supporters during the production of the film. It was quite a ride!


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Wow, World Premiere, you've been working on this a long time! Good luck!
"attack the audienceā€¦because art is war" :eek:

Sounds like an interesting flick. I hope you'll update festival showings when this gets closer to my area. I'd like to see this.