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screenplay Spec Scripts for Save Point

I'm sure that a lot of prospective screenwriters come through here, looking for inspiration, or perhaps a project to work on. Just in case anyone would enjoy trying their hand at an interactive script, here are 10 basic descriptions of scripts we need written for SP. If anyone is interested in writing one, you can chat with me about the specifics. These are just basic outlines of story concepts, open to creative interpretation.

Ok, so let's outline a few possible chapter scenarios

these can occur at certain points in the timeline, which would be set upon execution

probably one of the main constraints for each chapter will be the relative timeline year, which will determine sequencing, and the visual age of the main character on screen


spec script concept 1 - level, general

While in transit across the ocean, the protagonists plane crashes into the sea. He is able to swim from the wreckage to a nearby island, which appears deserted. Once on shore, he begins to explore the island in search of help, or a way to escape and return to the mainland


spec script concept 2 - level, main plot adjacent

upon escaping the nuclear blast at the beginning of the film, the protagonist has gone in search of answers about what is happening. As he approaches a nearby city, he comes upon a startling revelation. This once busy city is empty, a ghost city. The protagonist must unravel the mystery of the empty city, and in the process find a clue about the existence of a world beyond what he has known. A world where earth is not alone in the universe.


spec script concept 3 - level, general

enamored with the possibilities of the save point, the protagonist travels to Las Vegas, and begins gambling, unable to loose due to the ability to reset time any time a loss occurs. However, unforeseen problems begin to crop up as his unusual winning streak attracts unwanted attention.


spec script 4 - level, plot adjacent

During his travels, the protagonist has come across some information relating to a group of scientists working on a top secret project at a secluded resort in the Andes mountains. He decides to go undercover and investigate the group, hoping to find out more about the mysterious technology that seems to be allowing some humans to to engage in interplanetary travel.


spec script 5 - level, general

While visiting Italy, the protagonist encounters a group of formula 1 drivers at a local tavern, and decides to impersonate a reclusive American formula driver that famously avoids being photographed. When it comes up that one of the Italian team's members has taken ill just days before the race, the protagonist offers to step in, and fill the role. A self contained plot ensues, in which the protagonist competes in a formula one championship.


spec script 6 - level, general

Resting after an intense and harrowing adventure, the protagonist relaxes on a beach at sunset. A beautiful woman sits down next to him, and begins a conversation. As they get to know each other, it's revealed that she has become involved with unsavory characters from a local crime syndicate, and is in need of help. A predominantly romantic plotline, with crime and action elements.


spec script 7 - level, plot adjacent

Once off world and into the greater universe outside the world we know, the protagonist encounters a planet on the edge of a solar system, where refined air has become a tool used by the elite to hold power over the population on threat of death by asphyxiation. He becomes involved in a local rebellion, who's goal is to overthrow the tyrannical overlords who manage the world's air supply.

spec script 8 - level, main plot adjacent

The protagonist is tired, it's been a long day. He falls asleep, and begins to dream. Within the dream he wakes up, and realizes that he's dreaming. The world around him is surreal, but he knows that he has a rare few hours of access to his own subconscious mind, and strives to understand the messages it's trying to send him, before he wakes up. During the dream, surrealistic elements foreshadow a life changing realization about the nature of the universe, and his role within it.


spec script 9 - level, general

The protagonist is driving through death valley, when his car suddenly breaks down. Upon using the save point, he discovers that he is returned to a place too recent to help, beyond the point of no return. With limited water, there seems no hope of survival, until he encounters a stranger........


spec script 10 - general

The protagonist is travelling through Europe, and stops for the night at a large and mostly empty hotel. Outside, a severe story moves in, and a flash flood traps everyone inside the building. Something is off about the staff, and some of the people he meets go unexpectedly missing during the first night. Even more mysterious, the staff seem to be trying to conceal the disappearances, and preserve the appearance that everything is normal.