So....are people making films....??

Wondering if people are still moving forward with projects despite the covid crisis. How to make it work with cast and crew in close contact with each other? Are actors generally ok with intimate dialogue scenes?
I’ve seen a ton of drs and vets the last couple of weeks. Feels like society is back. Been idling some writing and in another month or so I might put out a casting call

people will either respond or they won’t.
I wouldn’t do auditions in person though... too many strangers. Video chat auditions
I completed a corporate shoot a month ago. Today, had a pitch to raise money for a short, feature and series (which is looking like a good, possibility). So I'm back. May do a short for the hell of it in a few weeks just because I can.
All I'd say is as long as you do it safely (get checked for the virus first, and have all crew wearing masks, washing hands and staying apart as much as possible etc etc) then business has to go on. Actors need to be tested first, and then when not on camera should wear masks. The virus hasn't changed, it's still out there. You can still film for sure, you've just got to be guided by the science of the virus and nothing else.