Should I get a new camera?

My dad wanted a DSLR for his birthday, so I was going to give him my Canon T2i, since maybe I should get a new camera in the future anyway. I would save more money doing that, than buying him another camera, then buying a whole new one for myself.

But I was thinking, perhaps it's better just to use money in the future to higher DPs, instead of get my own new one. Right now in filmmaking, it seems that people rely on me to have my own equipment too much, rather than just use theirs. I got a DP to shoot a short of mine for example, but her car was impounded along with the camera inside, she told me later, and cannot afford to get the car out. And she says we can just use mine instead.

But I figure in the future, my money may be more well spent if I just hire better people who are more reliable on having their own equipment. They know that they cannot allow anything to go wrong, if they want to remain hired for the movie, since I don't have a good enough back up camera, on hand, so maybe the money will be more well spent on better disciplined people. I often have to fill in for an actor anyway, and do not like having to set up the camera, and have it rolling with no one behind it.

Or if I should get my own camera still just in case I need it, I would like to know which is the best for me? Outdoors at night on downtown streets has always been a concern as I may want a camera that is better on noise. I was told the GH3 and perhaps the new GH4 coming out are. The new GH4 I hear has a global shutter too, so no jello effect problems hopefully!

I would also like a camera that can shoot at 60fps and still be at full HD, or perhaps even higher frames per seconds speeds, for slow motion if I want it. I would also like one where I can dial in the color temperature manually, allowing me to choose whichever temperature I want, rather than relying on magic lantern which can be a bit faulty sometimes I find.

I would also like a camera, that can not only take prime lenses but hopefully zoom lenses, with a constant aperture for zooming, and not have it be too expensive. But if that's not an option I can color correct the aperture changes in during the zoom I suppose. I would also like a camera that has a good amount of picture styles to choose from to give better cinematic looks.

I guess that's it for all I want in a new camera. If I think of more features I will add them in. Any ideas what camera could best suit these low budget needs? Another thing is camera technology is changing so much now, compared to audio technology. You can use the same field recorder for years and people will think it's good, but with cameras, it seems that everyone wanted HD when it came out over SD, and now 4K is coming, so maybe a GH3 will be considered sub-par in two years. I would like a camera, hopefully good enough that I would not have to update again for at least 8 years if I am to buy another one, as oppose to relying on a DP.

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Okay I rewording the adds to hopefully sound more positive, and will advertise.

What about what that actress I know in Vancouver said, about how she gets a movie part every 1-3 months? I still want to act or help out in other movies, to gain experience, and build connections. In some ways, that can be almost as valuable or just as, as making your won. If where I live is just fine for filmmaking and I am just not applying myself, where do I find these movies that are being shot here, than I could get opportunities that often?