Shooting in Las Vegas last week in April?

Tell me about the networking party?

It's a gathering at Tommy Rockers' bar and Cool Blue Talent Agency (both in the same lot). The guy running the party (Rusty) starred in our short, BUG COMPLEX, so he wants me to play it for the crowd. There are actors and industry types there. If you're planning on shooting Thursday, we might be able to grab some actors from the party.

I can bring my GH2 and a few lenses

I have an HVX200 and am not sure I can edit DSLR footage. If you want to shoot with your cam, you should edit this thing. I can record sound with the HVX, if you want. You should get some shots of the Strip, while you're walking around.

shoot Thursday late day \ night

A few props
(Airsoft pistol, brief case, some fake cash)

A couple actors

Drive out in the desert and do a mob style "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" improve number.

I think I can drag my travel buddy along, hes never done any film stuff before, real good people.

I drive a single cab pickup. Your buddy is welcome to come, if he doesn't mind sitting in the middle. I don't know if we can use Alex's (ArchStanton) car. Alex?
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I've been a busy filmmaker. Just finished a 48, last weekend. You know - giant bugs and crap.


Mike, that looks hilarious! Rusty getting mauled by a cockroach? Fun. :lol:
If that's a real bug (not CG) I'd love to borrow/rent that sucker sometime. Have always wanted to do a short film based on Kafka's Metamorphosis.

You IT folks have a blast shooting in LV!
When I first saw that bug, my mind went back to a Neil Young concert on the rusted out garage tour there were roaches about that size (I assumed RC) running around the stage..

Yeah, I would love to shoot and edit this.

You should be the boss though, as its your town, friends and resources.

hows this:

Director = Scoopicman
DP = Wheatgrinder
??? = Arch Stanton
??? = LasVegasIRA (I PM'd him, hoping he'll join us?)

Of course Im more the willing to trade off, do different jobs, run sound for some shots etc..

Here is what I could bring:

Hacked GH2
FD 17mm, 50mm, and 100mm primes (Panasonic kit lens with IOS for any handheld)
Marantz PDM 660 field recorder (its only 16 bit, but its pretty good, been modified by Oade brothers)
Shotgun mic
XLR cable
Laptop to download footage
Good attitude
A sack lunch
$20 for gas
Mike, that looks hilarious! Rusty getting mauled by a cockroach? Fun. :lol:
If that's a real bug (not CG) I'd love to borrow/rent that sucker sometime.

It's real. Madagascar Hissing Roaches are available at Exotic Pet stores. I bought three for $10. I almost got the Emperor Scorpion for $29 - fairly tame, but can still sting. Here's the trailer for our 48HFP, made last weekend:

Tommy Rockers Tuesday night sounds great. Do I need an invite or can we just show up? What time!

You can just show up. It usually starts around 6pm till whenever. We'll probably show BUG COMPLEX at 7:30pm.

Sure, I'll direct and you shoot. I was kind of hoping you would be in front of the camera, too. If Alex (aka Arch Stanton) comes, he is amazing with DSLR shooting, so he could cover if you like.

Is that okay, Arch Stanton?!!
what do you mean by "in front of the camera" Im a lousy actor... Im best BEHIND the camera!

I hoping to snag some actors Tuesday night! If not, we'll have fun anyway, and if needed we can use my handsome mug!

story ideas?
Ha, OK Mike. Thanks. So it's a real living bug, but smaller than the one on Rusty. :lol: Funny trailer.

I'd want one the size of a shoebox or thereabouts. Maybe if I feed it steroids and Wheaties...
Thanks for the kind words, Mike. I'm usually available Saturday evenings. But, you will be attending Spring Flicks that night. It looks like you will be filming Wednesday and/or Thursday evening?

wheatgrinder, which hack are you currently using for your GH2? And that 17mm (f/4?) sounds nice. The widest I have is 24mm in a prime lens. I was thinking of getting the 14-42mm for wide shots, OIS, and AF.
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Im still on the auqamotion 88mb hack. The 17mm is fun. Im picture great outdoor vistas shots ala the AMC series Breaking Bad. Love the cinematography on that show! The 14-42 is fine. I like it. Just dont use it much. Hand held with OIS is really good.
story ideas?

Maybe a short version of my larger idea, "Ten Thousand Dollars and One Bad Idea!"

Today is Monday, already. First, you should write my email, which I publicly posted earlier in the thread, and get in touch with your contact info. Or you can just call me at 555-5455. :lol:

I would like to know what hotel you are staying at. Is it a room with a view of the Strip that we can use? We can probably do a hotel room and desert scene, but we'll have to hurry, on Thursday. (I can get you right after work. I work at a hotel on the Strip.)

At the moment, I'm busy retouching my Bug movie, but I'll think more on your idea, tonight. We can hash the rest out at the Wrap Party and maybe grab who we need.

Arch Stanton, we're shooting Thursday, but it sounds like Saturday is the only day good for you? (Working conventions, that rarely works for me.) I wish we had you on this thing, because Wheat and I are real hams and I think we should be doing a little crazy acting. That means someone needs to work the camera in those situations. Or, I have a tripod....