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camera Shooting a computer monitor

Hi everyone! I need to capture a shot of a Word document open on a computer monitor (just the image on the screen, not the actual monitor itself) and I was wondering if you anyone had any suggestions for how best to do this? I'm currently hovering between shooting it on my DSLR with the exposure heavily adjusted for the amount of light given off by the monitor, or just using screen capture software to grab a video of the document and dropping that into my short.

Has anyone used either of these methods before and what would your recommendations be?
If you can do a screen recording, that will always be better. You can soften it or rough it up a bit in post if you don't want it to look too good.
Shooting screens is fraught with pain, since the screen is likely to refresh in the middle of your exposure. There are adjustments you can make to your camera (on better cameras) to help, but why bother if you can just capture the screen in software?


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I have tried both. And both work quite well.

My recommendation is to give both a try. Then drop them into you editing
program and play around with the settings until you get what you need.
Unlike oakstreetphotovideo, I've had great results with shooting directly
off the screen.
I did quite a bit of conference filming and shot a load of screens. To remove the flicker on the screens, the adjustment on my camera is the angle (the shutter speed relative to the frame rate). I use a C500 which allows me to do this. The second way is just to shoot the screen separately and stick it on in post which is what I prefer to do.

However, you can get results by making the adjustment I suggested. If you're shooting a high end feature film, I'd shoot the screen separately and add it in post, but for everything else, the first method is fine.