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screenplay Screenwriting from two different artistic perspectives to make a story

I know a tattoo artist who is amazing, can two creative minds work together to make an amazing story, and leave all the formalities of screenwriting to people that are good at that?
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Yes, two creative minds can work together to make an amazing story.
Screen credits are filled with amazing stories written by two creative

And yes, you can leave all the formalities of screenwriting to someone
else. But be prepared to pay for that. Screenwriters are creative people;
asking people who are good at all the formalities of screenwriting to
simply be a typist and not part of the creative process can be expensive.
But there are people who will do it.


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Buy a screenwriting software like Final Draft. Read a book on formatting. It's not hard to get going. Yes things will be wrong but at least you will have it formatted. Correct paragraphs, slugs, dialogue, etc. The hard part is learning how to write "not" like a novel but you need to at least get formatting down. If you have to pay someone to fix it up later it will cost WAY less if it's already a screenplay.
Screenwritng is a lot more than a formality. It's an art and a craft, the same way Sculpting is.
I can craft a technically flawless screenplay from your idea, but that doesn't mean it not going to stink as a movie.
Ever see HUDSON HAWK? Or ISTHAR? Or HEAVEN'S GATE? Or half the crap on Netflix? Ideas don't always translate. If you have a good idea, it's a better idea to write the screenplay yourself.
The following link is for an article on free screenwriting software. Keep in mind, some of them just offer a free trial period, while others are free to use. I know you have said in other posts that you watch YouTube videos on screenwriting, and that's great, just stick to the basics for now.

As an aspiring screenwriter myself, I am chock full of ideas I think will make for profitable movies. Note I said profitable, not great, or even good. I don't view myself as an artist; I'm a realist. Screenplays (and the movies that come from them) are commodities to be bought and sold.
I don't mean the following in a derogatory manner: What can you offer me (or any other screenwriter) in terms of ideas that I/we don't already have? Sure, your idea is fantastic and could be the next HUGE Hollywood blockbuster that gets you all paid millions, but we all think we already have at least one idea that will do that.
Director Frank Capra would find a story that he liked and collaborate with his screenwriters. He had a general idea of the film he wanted to make and what the key scenes would be. According to his daughter they would lock themselves in a hotel room and write the script together.

In case you don't know - and you should - these are his most notable films:

It's a Wonderful Life
Meet John Doe
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
You Can't Take It with You
Lost Horizon
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
It Happened One Night
Lady for a Day