Sci-Fi music composer introduction

My name is Billy Yfantis and I am an experimental musician from Athens, Greece. The scope of my message is to let you know about my music in case it meets the needs of any upcoming project of yours considering music placement opportunities.

I hold all the rights of my music and have released 2 full albums and 5 singles that are available on most of the streaming platforms.

I respect your time and provide you with links of my best 3 tracks:

Artist: Billy Yfantis
PRO Affiliation (PRS For Music)
Genre: New Age/Ambient
Moods: Mystery, Relaxation, Suspense
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I am inspired by sound design and background music which might be minimal but it is more clear than white noise. White Noise is more fuzzy and less clear such as this one:


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The links have been removed, so I found your Youtube channel, "Billy Yfantis - Topic." The Solar System songs reminded me of FORBIDDEN PLANET. Very retro sounding. I rather liked "Crossing the Line."
Thank you very much for taking the time to visit YouTube and check out my music, I have to admit that by having a second thought you are probably right. I think that it is time to also pay attention to my material which includes beat music instead of focusing only in beatless music. Forbidden Planet was a huge influence, thanks for mentioning it. My new album which will come out in a couple of months, includes synth music but I believe that it sounds more modern in comparison with the posted music.
Forbidden Planet was a huge influence, thanks for mentioning it.


I finally ordered the Blu-ray, a couple of weeks ago. I've also been watching some behind the scenes docs about the electronic artists who made the score.

Good luck with your new album and the beatmaking.


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