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Save Point Pre Alpha test clips

4k if you select it.

This is in no way any type of finished film. It's just a collection of some of the test prints as I worked out different aspects of the pipeline. I wish I had printed out more character animation tests, since the ones in there are weak so far. This pipleline is built for speed, with many of these clips being only a few hours work. There were a lot more clips available, but I continually trashed older versions of the pipe as I found new ways to close in on my desired look. That aesthetic is extremely important, because it will set a precedent for the entire tree once it's finalized and locked down.

Music is unfortunately not mine in this instance, kind of wish I'd written that particular piece.

These prints are nothing I would normally show to anyone, but a number of people are beginning to take an interest in the project here and elsewhere, and I expect people are curious. Besides, we're all creators here, you know what WIP and test footage is.

Part of what makes my pipeline work is that every time a meta task is accomplished, I can it. Meaning it took me 4 hours to animate the first crow flying across the screen, then another hour to prepare the flock of crows, then from then on, the full sequence is canned, and at that point is a drag and drop custom asset. It now takes 5 seconds to add a flock of animated crows flying across any scene. Every day I'm canning one type of asset or another. Character animations, lighting effects, pre masked assets like alpha channel native trees, furniture, etc.

What this is all about is causing the production speed to snowball over time. It will start out a little slow and weak, and given time, become unstoppable.
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Universe Unfolding logo. I just rendered it, and realized the timing is competely wrong in the opening seconds. It's mistimed so the whole universe morph thing happens too fast to see. I don't see any way to erase the post, so I'll call this a work in progress.
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