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Save Point core technology demo

This is the first very basic test showing something that I've been talking about for over a year. This is how we can achieve unprecedented speeds in the long run. Watch the video carefully. Those are not transitions, you'll notice the world changes fluidly during 3d camera moves. What this is all about is eliminating steps, similar to Carmacks work in the early days with doom and quake 3's geometry math. If many actions are identical, you collapse the stack, and gain speed.

It takes time to animate characters, create cinematography tracks, light scenes, etc. But how much of that overlaps between scenes? A lot. So what if you found a way to simply ditch all the repetitive tasks? How much difference is there really between a man walking down a hospital corridor, and an airport corridor? If there's almost none, it doesn't make sense to redo every job every time right?

That's what this is all about. Just using technology, modular thinking, and some basic math to eliminate huge sections of the work required to shoot scenes.

This first video isn't that great, because I did it quickly, but as I work on this, I'll add more and more interesting demonstrations of how this all works. I first got the idea from taking a classical course on cinematography. They would break down exactly what shots should be used around a table for example. So in our case we would create templates that perfectly executed those shots and sequences, and we could spend significant time perfecting it, then re-use it to get instant, perfect results when filming any scene where characters were around a similarly shaped table, in any environment.
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