Save Point Apartment demo

Nate North

Business Member
I agree, I need to make it feel more lived in, and a lot of other things are wrong. I've gotten some blowout in certain scenes, the character lighting is awful, the floors are spotless, kind of a lot of work I still need to do. I was just excited to get this one uploaded, because it represents a leap forward in our aesthetic, something that took a lot of time to get to. The next big jump is probably about 8 weeks away. We've figured out how to populate the world with thousands of realistically animated people, so at some point near the end of the year, there will be a video showing a full scale city come to life, at a quality similar to what's seen here. This is very early days for the new "realistic" style we are now using, so it's got tons of issues.

Anyway, thanks for the critique, I'll mess up all the counters for the next version!