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Save Point is a unique project that allows independent creatives to put their skills to work on a crowd-sourced project. Save Point is the name of both the organization, and the online series it produces. It's an animated series, which allows people all over the world to collaborate, producing one flagship product with a better chance of success in the market than would be possible with many tiny projects.

Here's how it works. You can learn about Save Point in one of three places.

1. The web site at
2. Here on Indietalk, where there are many posts discussing aspects of the project
3. By joining us on the Discord server, and asking us questions
you can join the Discord server using this link -

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In this blog, we will publish regular updates that show many different aspects of the development process. Here you can look at art, videos, scripts, technology, pipelines, and other aspects of the project. You can follow along as we build it, or if you're interested in collaborating, you can join the project and take on a more active role.
In this first section, we'll archive shot images from the work in progress. Our base resolution is 10k anamorphic, with a final output of 4k, so unfortunately we cannot post full resolution images here, but what you see here will be a pretty good representation of what it will look like for most YouTube viewers.

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Here is where we will display GIFs. These are tiny snapshots of the animation development process. The quality is very low on these and does not represent the final product, which is natively 4k 30 at this time.

Since the last time we published in this blog, there have been significant advances, including the switch to an entirely new production pipeline. This post is simply a collection of demos, dalies, etc, from the past month. By the end of the year, we will have tripled our output power, specifically when 2 major software platforms and 1 major hardware rendering platform arrive throughout the next month. It will take a while to put all this technology to work, and it's a difficult learning process. You can see a bit of it here though, including the long awaited first demonstration of our digital characters. Much more is forthcoming in the next 4 months, at which point we hope to begin production on the actual product. I expect many on the forum have seen the last few videos before, but I'm adding them here for people encountering this blog as the first point of contact with Save Point.

Here is the first look at the new gen animated characters. Animations are looped in the demo to save time.

Here is the current work in progress demo, which is about 60% complete. We'll publish the final in the videos section once it's complete.

Here is the biome development demo, this progress was achieved in a single week, week 29 of the project.

These last 2 videos were the first tests of the new engine, one for interior scenes, and one for exterior scenes.

Here's the dalies reel from this last week or so. This one shows some progress in a few key areas.

1. the first space scene, required construction of starfield, nebulas, planets, and flightpaths.

2. Fog and light shafts seen in jungle scenes, required development of volumetric fog and lighting workflows

3. Animated humans, required a lot

4. Most importantly, crowd movement, seen in the cyber city street scenes. required the most effort and time.

What's seen here is a first try implementation of these aspects, each one needs a lot of work and refinement. Cyber city scenes were rendered in low quality to save 10 hours of render time.

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