movies Rocky IV: Rocky vs Drago The Ultimate Director's Cut

There's a documentary on Amazon about how Sylvester Stallone re-edited Rocky 4. Well, I nearly shit a brick when I saw it wasn't just some personal project and the movie is actually available on Amazon Prime!! Now I know what you're thinking; big deal. Another director's cut of a movie to make a few bucks. The thing about this 'director's cut' is that Stallone started from scratch with all the original footage then put the film together in a very different way. Ivan Drago talks! More scenes with Apollo. I even heard there's a scene where Drago and Rocky meet John Travolta at a disco and have a dance off to the sounds of the Bee Gees!!...... Ok, that last part isn't true, but Stallone really did recreate Rocky 4 the way he thinks he should have done it in the first place. His big regret is that he killed off Alollo. He said that was a big mistake. One that he could not undo.

Anyway, I haven't seen the re-edited version yet, but I'm going to remedy that right now. Later!

Saw it.
What can I say.
That's $3.99 down the drain.

The only thing that is noteworthy is the way Stallone practically erased his ex-wife from the film. Originally, she was pretty much the Russian spokesperson for Drago. This time, she just sits there looking around without saying much.... Divorce revenge. LOL.