Resource for free music?

There is lots of stuff on the Prelinger Archives - although you have to be careful, as not all material at Prelinger is copyright free.

Also, go through all of the royalty free music sights. They all vary in price and copyright specifics. (Just one example is that there is no royalty fee - until you reach a certain number of sales/views or "major" distribution.) Quite a few of them will have a few generic cues that are free to use.
Hello Stefan!

I'm a young composer looking to make my way into the film scoring industry. I'd love to work on one of your films for free! I'm looking to build a portfolio currently, and so this is why I'm willing to do it for free. All I'd ask for is accreditation in the credits! I specialise in Orchestral music, but am adept in all sorts.

Please let me know if you're interested. My email is