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Recording piano

Have a customer who wants to portray a model as cool, calm and collected. For music, he's thinking classical piano which plays to my strength because as an amateur, I won a music prize here and completely by accident, I ended up as an accompanist to the best violinist in Western Europe on a few occasions and even played in front of 3,500 people in the London Colliseum on 20+ occasions. It was a total fluke and right place / right time but it means I can play sufficiently well to record.

However, just because I can, doesn't mean I should so am thinking about options.

My plan is to use a Yamaha clavinova which plugs right into Garage band. I am guessing this should be good enough for a corporate customer, especially as he knows I am a pianist.

However, given the above scenario, what would you do? Would you go out and buy music? Is there a free resource? What are your thoughts?