actors R.I.P. Max Von Sydow

Farewell Captain Von Trapp. I've always been a fan of his work, but "The Sound of Music" was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theater. So I'll always remember him that way.

That's Christopher Plummer, who just died very recently. He was also in Dreamscape (1984) playing the villain. Max Von Sydow played the good guy in the movie. Dreamscape is one of the sci-fi movies that I remember both these guys. I saw it in a theater at the time.

I tweeted a RIP for Von Sydow when he died that included pics from Dreamscape:
Ah, you're right; I should really pay more attention. Damn getting older!

Von Sydow another of the "old school" greats I admire, although why he decided to be in "Flash Gordon" is beyond me. :huh:

The Seventh Seal

Mr. Von Sydow is always paired, for me, with Ingmar Bergman. Pretty cool that he went from this to Hollywood.

I was chatting, in a game thing, with a girl from Sweden. I told her I loved Ingmar Bergman. She said, Who? The guy who made that movie about the Knight who played chess with Death, I said. Oh yea, she said. That comes on every year. And I amused myself, imagining little Scandinavian kids gathering around the TV once a year to watch The Seventh Seal the way we American kids used to do (back when) with Wizard of Oz :)

It is on HBOmax, by the way, and if, by chance, any of you film buffs haven't yet seen it--it's time: Pick a melancholy afternoon, when you're in a meditative mood, sit in front of the biggest screen you have, and watch.

(warning: not, particularly, cheerful, lol)
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You have to wonder what kids in other countries watch. What do Russian kids watch at Christmas? Come and See? Stalker? I think German kids watch shows about Krampus, a fanged Santa Klaus that kidnaps and murders children that haven't been "nice"

"He used to not only bring candy and presents to the good children, but would also punish the bad children. Zwarte Piet "Krampus" would hit bad children with a birching rod as punishment for bad behaviour in the past year. Really bad children would be taken away in his burlap sack never to be seen again. Whether these children would be killed or live as slaves is unknown because no child ever returned."

As far as Max Von Sydow, He will be greatly missed. It's like when Burgess Meredith died, it's hard to imagine tv and film without him.
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