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screenplay Question about Entertainment Attorney

The discussion on optioning my TV pilot is proceeding with a producer. I have a Zoom call with him set up for Monday. We spoke this week on the phone, and he has offered to option it with an outright purchase (around $50,000) if/when financing comes through. He would own the rights, and I would walk away.

He also offered that he could option, and if/when financing comes through, I will stay aboard as the writer and as an EP.

He has had a line producer cost it out - budget would be 500,000 to 1.5m per episode. Also said he would try to place it with a network/streamer.

I understand that the upfront money is small or non-existent, but I will probably move forward with one of these deals, and I need an entertainment attorney to review the contract.

I do not know any entertainment lawyers, so if someone could suggest a few, I would appreciate it. Lawyer probably does not have to be local to me (I am in Virginia) in these Covid times.

Also, if anyone has any comments/suggestions about this deal or anything in particular I should discuss in the meeting, I would really appreciate it. This will be my first deal, so I am quite the novice.

Thanks for your help.
I know nothing about nothing, lol, but...wow, congratulations. Please keep us updated. This will be a fascinating and instructive look at how things, hopefully, progress from the glimmer of a green light forward.
I know several entertainment attorneys but I was impressed the most by Peter J. Dekom. For awhile, he helped vet prospective film projects for the state of New Mexico working with the film commission when it came to selecting projects back when New Mexico was handing out loans. Met him a couple of times. Knows his stuff.