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"Publikum" by Ramon Bessel - official music video

Hey folks!
I proudly present my first music video!

It's all made in Blender, except only the pianist and the technician who were recorded on greenscreen.

It's hard to work alone, but it's also very rewarding. It was 2 half-days of shooting, where I was both the director and the camera operator, and then nearly 4 months of postprocessing on my side. I learned a lot on the way - **ask me anything!**

And, for those curious how it's made, I also made a quick behind-the-scenes video for you on my channel:

By the way! I'm currently looking for new projects so if you have an idea, please reach out in PMs :)
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Really great work man! You really made good use of the software, did your homework, and produced something that has value. Camera direction was good, direction of focus was good, everything was done really well.
I keep mentioning this one to people. Bump. This guy really did a good job, a role model for aspiring filmmakers. I really respect his passion for the artform, hard work, and creativity.
Thank you guys for the kind words!

Role model? Wow. I'd never guess! FWIW, my role model is Ian Hubert, he taught me so much (in his Patreon videos) I can't even express it in words. Made so much progress thanks to his inspiration and skill. 🙏