pre-pro Preparation of a new movie project "Bloedtranen" (Blood Tears) | Teaser

Hello everyone,

Sometimes it's helpful to make a teaser before starting the big project. We did just that while preparing for our new fiction movie project "Bloedtranen" (Blood Tears).
I discovered that it helped me to develop a clear vision about the style of the movie. Furthermore, when you talk about a new project with other people you have something visual to show them. The teaser is certainly not a trailer; it's not really a part of the coming movie, it's actually a mini short film of itself with a somewhat divergent story. You can view the teaser here:
If your language is English, please don't forget to activate the subtitles.

Greetings from The Netherlands.
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It cant be the year 34.... because the christian era was started around the year 1000. You could say its one year after the disappearance of the messiah.

This teaser makes me wonder what kind of movie you are gonna make. It could be several genres.