marketing Poster Critique

From a purely design point of view (i.e. nothing to do with the movie):
- if using a smaller font for "PRESENT" it should be centred below the producers' names (use tight line-spacing)
- needs space either side of the word MERIDIAN, not just because lots of space (around text) is a golden rule of poster design but also for practical reasons : you can't control how the poster will be displayed, and if it's in a frame, you risk losing the M and the N!
- unless you plan on filling it with the tagline and the actors names, there's an awful lot of empty sky at the top and then the title superimposed over an already detailed lower half.

As for the conception/artwork, regardless of the genre, I would expect to see a visual representation of meridian in the title : either a clear line through the buildings in the background, or a left-right split in the design. Alternatively, a thin line above/below/through the text separating the built-up background from the devastation in the foreground. One way or another, a meridian is a dividing line (notional or otherwise) so that should be in the image rather than floating over the top.


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You don't need Present OR Presents. It's a poster.

Never heard of Atlas or Bottle, unless you are Sony or Universal there's no real need to put it. Especially at the top. Would you rather people remember YOUR name or a small company? Put yours. "A film by..." Make it larger and move it down a bit. Throw the production companies in smaller font at the bottom. Let us know what is happening. Not a logline, even shorter. A tagline. Or an abridged logline. You don't have the money studios do to push stuff with visuals and no words. They do, but they can put it on TV and social, and when you see the poster in the subway you identify. You don't have that so you need to tell us/hook us. Why do I want to see this? Hope this helps!