Post-production sound

What is everyone else using for post-production sound editing? Right now we are using Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge. Has worked pretty well so far but we don't really have anything else to compare it to.

Is there something better in the same price range? ($500 and under)


hey, I use digital performer for most of my stuff. it's really great and full of features. for some of the basic stuff i will use Deck 3.5. deck still has some bugs but it's really simple to use.
I mainly used what Adobe Premiere offered to do my sound on my feature. Along with Cool Edit Pro and Sound Forge to manipulate WAV files. The biggest factor was having a good playback system that was representative of what the sound actually was as far as EQ. Making VHS dubs from the computer was upsetting because it compressed the audio. Did not have a pro VHS deck. Everything to Beta SP was great.

8 tracks! Yikes! I could do a commercial with 8 but never a feature. I do use a studio that has ProTools from time to time. And it is sweet. $200 per hour adds up quick.