[Post Audio/Composer/Sound Designer/Foley FX/Binaural Audio]

Hey guys! My name is Sean, founder and owner of Final Impact Studios. I'm currently a college student audio producer who's always looking for projects to join and contribute to. I'm a composer, sound designer, Foley artist, and can also work in the growing demand for binaural/3D audio along with basic post audio production cleanup!

You can hear some demos listed below. I'll also be posting more demos as they become available:

* Demo #1 - Spirit Waltz [Contains binaural elements, headphones recommended]: https://soundcloud.com/finalimpactstudios%2Fspirit-waltz-binaural-elements-headphones-recommended
* Demo #2 - Night: https://soundcloud.com/finalimpactstudios%2Fnight
If you have any questions please contact me here or send me an email at finalimpactstudios@gmail.com

Thank you!
~Sean C.
~Final Impact Studios™
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