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Hey all, I thought it would be cool to make a thread where we post behind the scenes pics of our productions, along with a little story behind it?

It could be an older production, or one you are currently in. The idea is to get a glimpse of everyone in their element or fulfilling their passion.

Doesn't have to be anything crazy, just something that brings back a positive or fun memory for you.

I will start with mine.


On the set of "Kushtaka (2019)" in Kodiak, AK.

The campfire was a major set piece, but it also gave us a ton of use. From brewing campfire coffee, heating up our food and our bodies, we had a ton of fun living a frontier lifestyle out in the wilderness.

This location was awesome, it even had a running stream right next to the camping area that we used in the film for the panning sequences.

The day before, there was a major earthquake in Anchorage. We had to evacuate to high ground due to a Tsunami warning, which luckily the wave never showed. We were told this was because it was a side slip quake, and not a drop or dipping quake. It was still intense, and I was going to reschedule for a later date... But everyone was excited to be there the next day anyway. I think it got our minds off of what could have been a major disaster.
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It was a music video for Warner Records, shot at the old FilmFair studios on Cahuenga (?) back in the early 80's. I was Co-Producer, but to be honest, I don't remember what I did to "earn" that card, I think it might have had something to do with the fact that the director was sleeping with my big sister. He still is, patient bastard. But I was also dolly grip for a brilliant cinematographer, Jim Crabbe (Rocky, The China Syndrome, Karate Kid 1&2). Now HE was a patient bastard. The majority of my experience prior to this was live theater, bouncing primarily between the Los Angeles Actors Theater and the Los Angeles Theater Center (on Spring St, across from the Alexandria Hotel). I don't remember the singer's name, her father had been in the industry and this was a favor to his memory. The video was as vanilla as it looks, we didn't even have the novelty of an English kid with hair like the bow of a dreadnought, one fingering a keyboard (A Flock of Seagulls, for the "under 40" crowd). And as I looked over the other photos from the shoot, I notice that just about the WHOLE crew was wearing the obligatory Adidas tennis shoes (blue striped back then). I still wear them.


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Wow, seeing these older photos are really awesome. Makes you appreciate the ease of the digital age right now for picking up equipment and just going for it.

I really want to try filming on Super 16 at some point, but I know its pricey to develop. Maybe if I just do a short with it, I can learn and get the experience without throwing away my life savings.