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screenplay Poor person's distribution of a script.

Lets say I do crank out a script, there is no way I will pay to distribute it.
I. Don't. Trust. the scams :)

So, as a side hobby and somebody obviously not connected in any way to the film world. What is the best way to get script to be read?

Submit to yearly contests for free?

I am not lazy, going to do research on the subject, but wanted to see what y'all do to circulate your work.

BTW, I also need to do the poor person's copywrite on scripts (if I finish it) seen a few tricks on YT. <---another task

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It can work. There are many examples. The problem most filmmakers face
is reaching enough people. Unless you already have a fan base who will

Ask yourself a question; how many filmmakers have you donated to via
crowdfunding, whatever?