Paul Glover Composer saying Hi

The first two tracks on your website's auto-player have issues, apparently. (Orchestral 101 & 134) Sound is all creepily slowed and distorted.

The rest sound great. Very timely with that Christmas one at the end.

Oh, and hello :cool:

Hey devhaven

If you have some clips I can watch to get an idea of what could fit, that would be great.
Also if you have some links to music that has the feel you are looking for, that would be helpful.

Honestly, eighties techno / funky kinda is not my forte, but I am always up for a good challange.

Lol. I figured. It's basically an opposite of classical. I may or may not have someone scoring the film at this point, but I thought I'd let you know what I was working on.

I will be uploading some clips onto the Internet shortly after the holidays as teasers; however, in the mean time, this track is by the band which my movie will feature. It is not in the film, as they do not have the tracks I am using online. - it's Get Famous! - Imagination. It's a similar style, however the songs I am using are more 'funky'.
Hey devhaven

You are right, it is kind of a polar opposite. But it would be fun to work on.
I should be finishing up work on a documentary in the next month. I will check back with you and if you still need some help, I would love to give it a try.

Looking forward to the teasers.