Patagonia wildlife film, music needed

I am an amateur film-maker with a professional approach to my work. Look at to see one of my films.

I focus on travel and wildlife documentaries, see to know what we are doing in South America.

The Argentinian Bird Club, Aves Argentinas, has asked me to make a film about a rare bird in Patagonia and I would love to have music especially created for this.

The economic situation is dire in Argentina, I am making this film for free, so your only recompense would be your name in the credits. A film was made on the same bird about 4 years ago, The Twilight of the Hooded Grebe, and has had 30,000 views on YouTube. So I am hoping for a big audience!

I am off to Patagonia next week to film the bird on its breeding territory and hope to have all the filming done by March 2017, when I will return to the UK to begin editing.

If you are interested in helping me with this project I would love to hear from you.

Paula Webster
Film Composer

Dear Paula,

I am a composer from the UK who loves writing music for film. I have composed music for short films, adverts and art projects. I would be very interested in working with you. You can hear my music on soundcloud:

I also have tracks uploaded to youtube which can be found:

If you like what you hear please e-mail me at:

Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you

Owain Hoskins