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Opening Sequence

Something for people looking into adding drones into their workflow. I made a tourist film for a nearby festival I thought might attract a lot of seasonal buyers. This is the opening credits sequence. It's an 88 minute feature. It was very strange having to compose a country soundtrack. I'm more of a Metalocalypse/Orb/Stravinski guy. lol. I think country is the only thing I don't like. Made it anyway. Learned to play slide guitar for this. lol, useless.
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The footage is pretty awesome!! You made the score as well?? Man, you're talented.

Probably drone footage is one of the few things missing in every production I make, so... I'll definitely keep in touch with you!


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This is really cool! I like how you cut to the music and then don't. That's really important for the ebb and flow to be technical and then organic.

When the fast playing started at :36 I would have used the shot at :38 because the drone is faster, moving down the river. And at the end, for some reason, I would have cut those last 3 shots to the beat; covered bridge, dusk sky, barn.

But that's just me, I loved it!
Thanks for taking the time to check it out. When I started making this film I actually wasn't too enthusiastic about it. I wanted to make Matrix 4 or Die hard 11. I considered writing the soundtrack as kind of an annoying chore. Looking back at it though, I'm actually proud of this film. I ended up having a really great time playing acoustic bass on a midi guitar.

Unfortunately, you've hit a nerve here, quite by accident, lol. You'd have to know me to see it coming, but one line in your review stopped me dead in my tracks. It was when you referred to my acoustic slide lead as "fast playing" ROFL. I have no control over this, I must now make a video and upload it at some point of what it sounds like when I play "normally". lol. IRL, I draw a significant bit of criticism for playing guitar at well over 200bpm almost all of the time. That lead may represent the slowest I've ever played guitar.

But seriously, thanks for the critique, I'm always interested in how others see things, and detailed feedback like that is really helpful!