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Hello. I was recently contacted by a sales manager/senior planner of a large bank in Canada that is holding a national sales conference in Montreal, where I am from. This past year I created a video - a "tour of Montreal" of sorts that went viral on facebook and for a week or so I was doing many newspaper/tv interviews. Anyways, point is, every once in a while I get contacted by companies looking to use my video to "open up" their conference, and I never know what to charge them for the use of my video. In this case, it will be opening up this banks national sales conference, and so is likely to simply be shown off the top to present their guest speaker, a native of Montreal. What do y'all think would be a fair number to charge?

Here's the link for those interested:

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Definitely, a cool video. I can see why it went viral. I will say that because I am currently under the weather that it definitely made my head spin and caused a rare bout of motion sickness.

As for your question, well, I don't know the exact answer. Has anyone ever licensed it before? Did they try and negotiate a lower price at all? I would say start with a slightly higher price than the highest price paid so far.
You are getting multiple requests and this could continue, I'd suggest an entertainment attorney with experience in art licensing and have them contact the attorney with their offer. You can pay the attorney to review the offer (an hour's time?) and continue with him/her if the deal continues. But you may get a better offer this way as well be able to negotiate and move forward with assurance.