Oh no.. Not another 'Newbie'

So I have been looking for a good forum for a while now on film making, I'm a Videographer from Toronto, Ontario Canada... So yes I am Canadian we say Eh a lot but I don't live in a igloo.. Although I'd like too..

ANYWAYS, I've been doing videography for quite some time always had a passion for capturing video since I was a little kid, About 4 years ago I was asked to film a nightclub event and they'd pay me $100.00 ( I had never filmed something like that, Nor ever edited ) of course I said yes and it grew from there. Currently I'm shooting / directing a lot of low low low budget music videos for local artists ( And some well known artists ) but it's not fulfilling my thirst for film.. I launched a at risk youth organization a year ago and have been planning our first short film with the support of B-List celebrities.

I'm going to cut this short and say I look forward to kickin it here on the forums with you all! Have a good one eh.
Welcome. Thumbs up on the at risk thing. My advice on any film project: Contents over gear. You'll thank me later. :)

Good luck!
Oh of course, I just want to give quality to my content. I plan on entering these short films ( The At Risk Youth Films ) to multiple film festivals including TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival ).