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New York Independent Film Festival?


Just got accepted to NYC Indie Film Fest for my feature "Aerobics". But! I am still awaiting answer from a few other festivals (that wants to screen world premieres) Do you guys ave anything to say about NYCIFF? Bad or good? Is it worth it for me to go from Sweden, pay loads of money to attend it?

Pls Advice, gossip thx.


Anders Rune
Congrats on your film! Being from NYC, I really wish I had more info for you. I haven't heard any gossip on them or anything, but I do know that they venue they show in (the Producer's club in NYC) is not the best. It's a run down indie theater venue (one I've performed in many times) and not a movie theater. Of course, that doesn't mean it's an awful festival or anything. A positive on the venue is that it's in a central location of Manhattan, just west of Times Square, with lots of bars and restaurants around there. Based on what I know, my advice would be to go if you wanted to take a trip to NYC anyway, but don't pay all this money to go just for the festival. I'm not sure if distributors attend it.