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NEW Inside-Report FREE to watch

Well its here at last!


It’s a little late, but after you view the show, we think you will agree that its been worth the wait.

The reason it took so long to get this show out is that we have completely redesigned the look of the show. Now we have new titles, new idents, and a new location for me to host from.

We wanted something new for 2005 but didn’t want to rush things so we hope you enjoy the new look.

So take a look at www.inside-report.com

We have the usual assortment of features and interviews including chats with Paul Whittington, Jon Ashby from RewindVideo.com, and the legendary Peter John Ross from Sonnyboo.com.

We also have our regular Roundup and One to Watch sections. In fact, we think we have another first from Inside Report.

We have a guest host presenting the One to Watch section in this show, Danny Evans, who is taking part in the show as part of his work experience placement in college. Now the unique thing about Danny is that he is doing his placement via the internet!!! Hows that for original!

And I must add that he did a good job too!

As a bonus for this show, you get to watch the winning entry from our short film competition, “Paradise Lost and Found” by Jamie McDine.

So all in all, a good start to the year for us. But don’t forget, there is no show without YOU.

We need you to get involved to keep the show going. So keep sending us your films, trailers and interview submissions. And don’t forget, to tell your friends about the show. Post in all of your film forums! Spread the word and keep the show alive and fresh!!!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at infor@inside-report.com

Enjoy the show!

:) :)
I really , really dig the format & content of these shows. Sky does an excellent job & it's informative & kick ass to see how other filmmakers operate.

Kudos to Sky!