New filmmaker (in progress) from Central Texas.

Hello everyone,

I'm Corey, I'm stationed at Ft. Hood and I'm in the process of figuring out this Film thing. I really enjoy making videos and doing some basic editing and it kind of developed into this. I am interested in doing lots of shorts and one day doing a feature length movie but who isn't? I'm a big car fanatic and I'm always interested in filming something car related.

For the time being I shoot with a Canon HV40 with a wide angle lens and that's really about it. Don't even have a tripod yet.... :no:

but I'm working on piecing together a couple things.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.


Is there any regional section to this forum? I don't see one but I wanted to check anyways. I'm trying to find some like minded people in Central Texas who might want to work on little shorts together since I am dying to learn and participate in any way that I can.

'sup, cowboy.

A tripod will change your world. Even a $15 pos one will be a step up, though if you have the moolah to spring for one with a fluid head... do that.

There's a regional section for Classifieds further down (including availabilities, etc)

How you like that HV40?
I'm liking the HV40 a lot but I'm still getting a feel for how to change eposure and so on. Still have not figured out how to change the shutter speed but I'll get there. I'm trying to hold off on a tripod until I can just get a nice manfrotto one you know? It'll seem all the better.

Thanks for the info and for the welcome.