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watch my take on a cartoon. [as opposed to an animated film]

hi, everyone. I just completed and released my first cartoon, and could definitely use some feedback. [I'm really inspired by the classic cartoons I watched as a kid, and really tried to regain that cartoon feeling while making this one, rather than a lot of today's cartoons, who fail to do so, at least to me..the music plays such an important role in a cartoon, as you all know, and I feel the score here really made the project what it is, if anything...]


thanks for reading and/or watching,

-Jared Kowis
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you know, I don't think I've ever seen Monty Python....but thanks for watching, guys. I know I need quite a bit of improvement, but hey, I'm progressing.
Very creative. Definitely gave a new reality very entertaining

Slow to start before you started animating

you know, it was actually a bit longer before the "reality" was turned off. there was a whole "inbetween reality" claymation sequence that I cut for obvious reasons.