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watch My interview about screenwriting & producing


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I thought you did a great job and came off really well, and I liked everything you were saying about recruiting named actors.
That's a subject that I think everybody is always interested in learning more about.

Did the video chat app on your phone give you trouble recording in widescreen?
I always suggest to people that nobody has a tall screen monitor or television so if you film with your phone its more professional to hold it sideways.


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Thanks! I appreciate that.

For some reason, I couldn't get my phone to work sideways in Skype, and couldn't get the camera on my laptop to work at all.
I had a 2 second thought of postponing until I could get one or the other working properly. But it had taken weeks for us to get the schedule organized, as she's in Australia and I'm in the east coast of the US. So I decided it was better to forge on ahead with what I had working rather than possibly lose the opportunity to do it entirely.

And that pretty much sums up my attitude toward filmmaking: get it done, even when it's not exactly how you want it. :D


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This is great! My dream has always been to write and sell a screenplay. But I never wrote one until now. I'm almost finished with a rough draft. I'd like to talk to you about editing it and maybe help rewrite.

She's great! And we offer discounts on her services as well, see here: