Movies are rad, don't you agree?

Honestly, movies are the only thing I've ever been able to become, and stay, super passionate about. I've been making up movie ideas all my life. They've always been apart of my life and hopefully always will be. My one biggest dream, is that I'm able to create movies for people. I want to give back all the fun, growth, and fulfillment I have experienced because of film.

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Hey There!!!!!!!!!
What have you worked on so far?

I almost accidentally got into audio post. After a career as a working musician, then a recording engineer, I attended classes for my Pro Tools certification; I took the audio post classes as they were only a few hundred extra. My instructor told me I had a knack for it, also telling me "You work with a better class of people." (I had worked at a recording studio in the Bronx where weapons were checked at the door.) In one of those odd coincidences I signed on as the PSM for a local community film project only a week or two after completing the PT courses; I'm one of those who just has to keep busy. The producer/director headed the media department of a local college. I had actually gone in to be an extra, and hearing I had audio experience made me the PSM because I "at least knew something about audio." I sat in as he and one of his students did the audio post on the short film, which decided me on going that route myself. That was how I met the co-producer/1st AD. We hit it off and I worked quite a few paid and freebee projects for her over the next several years. Been doing audio post for - wow , it's 2021- almost twenty years now.

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Good Luck!


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