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watch Mountain Biking video!

SO again I've filmed some sports, this time Mountain Biking. I love filming these kind of sports and want to do a heap more, pity some are hard with the speed to film on a steadicam.

Shot over 3 separate days across almost 6 months (I wanted some aerial shots but I wasn't yet ready to shoot aerial for it).

A lot of the time we would get to the start of the track and I'd just start filming and running behind him or parallel so (undocumented unfortunately) I had a few spills and some crazy near misses. We also had some cops have a decent chat with us (all good actually!) on their trail bikes. This is where I almost had a flyaway with my quadcopter when I was stupidly flying near a radio tower, it just took off on its own. Went to some cool locations; I wish we got to more but the riders that I'm friends with have a pretty tight schedule (they're semi professional...also tried to get sponsorship from their sponsor but it seems they already have a guy they go to for video...he shoots a way different style to me)

BTS link is in the description and at the end of the video.

Shot with Canon 600D on a Merlin Steadicam.
Aerial shot are with a DJI Phantom with GoPro Hero3 Black and Tarot gimbal.


Interesting legal situation has arisen from this video.

I'm not commercially licensed for aerial work. Now that isn't exactly the issue. The filming I did originally wasn't commercial. It was a fun video I was shooting with my rider friend (completely legal). Now I've been approached by a network/news group to enter into an agreement commercially with the video. Normally I'd be pretty skeptical about these agreements (and I was with this one) but after chatting with these guys it seems it could be a good deal to enter. The problem relates back to the aerial footage. It is now becoming commercial (or rather the proposal is that it will) but obviously that footage can't be. So I've been in a bunch of email chats, including lastly tonight emailing the be Australian air authority, casa, with some clarifications on some things. Obviously on top of this is the frustration that only 5% of the video even consists of aerial footage, but it could affect the whole video (which is another issue altogether, similar to that of copyright law which I deem unnecessary. The act of one part of no video affecting the whole thing)

Strange/interesting/frustrating situation this is, feel free to weigh in
Would you really get into trouble? And, how much would it take to become commercially licensed for aerial work? You could put the video on private if they need to do a background check on you, until you are licensed.
Would you really get into trouble? And, how much would it take to become commercially licensed for aerial work? You could put the video on private if they need to do a background check on you, until you are licensed.

It depends, it's hard to tell how far these guys will take it.

To become commercially licenced costs ~$5000 and a lot of paperwork, some thing that would take weeks to complete.

I would have cosidered paying that a few months ago if it wasn't for the fact that the laws are about to change to allow my weight sized craft to fly 100% unregulated, or for a small fee. So it's like a case of $5000 jnow or $250 in two months, or 12 months..... depends when they get their act together :grumpy:
damn... have they ever been strict on youtube videos?

We don't know haha it's all the unknown. The only case I am aware of was a case where someone was flying in restricted airspace anyway so regardless of the actual video what they were doing was illegal. ANd by the sounds of things they weren't prosecuted, just firmly warned and asked to remove the video
are those aerial shots easily identifiable as Australia? Maybe you could try saying you shot it in another country
I loved the aerial shots, they were the highlight I think (and very nicely done with them, BTW).

My only real critique (I know you're asking for opinions on aerial licensing or whatever, sorry no input there other than just try asking really nicely? Always works for me!) is that the pacing was too slow and it didn't build.

Since I finished doing a similar thing recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8annVHi8dE), I have these thoughts directly in mind, as an editor try to build to the cooler tricks, the cooler shots, etc because that is what the "story" of mountain biking (or skateboarding) is, learning and landing more difficult tricks or runs or jumps. Going faster, taking tighter turns.

I would have liked to see that replicated in you video. It starts with him putting his gear together, then he's taking a light ride to warm up, then he tries a wheelie, then he tries a jump, a bigger jump, a tighter turn, etc. Save anything and everything challenging or cool looking to be built to in the video. And I think quicken the pace entirely. Looking back on my video, I would have liked it shorter, maybe around 1:45 or so.

Thats my 2 cents on the video, but it was very cool and keep up the killer work!
Hi Sam, thanks for your thoughts. The problem with YouTube is that if nothing cool happens in the first 15-30seconds of these videos then the viewer is likely to click off. Hence why I often follow a basic formula of

15sec max introduction
1 almost coolest shot
2 decent shots
1 best shot
2-4 decent shots
1 great shot

etc. Basically I've found you need to chuck in the cool/complex tricks ever few shots or the viewer is gonna run off
Great work! Love the formula, and congrats on getting some recognition (monetarily) you definitely deserve!! Could you release the video to them for free after signing up as a one time "mountain bike video consultant" or similar? The video is premo, hate to see you chop it up, but yes, sometimes it has to be done to get the "foot in the door". Maybe they'll front the licensing for aerial after they get a response from airing the footage???
Anyway, hope it goes well for you.