Most popular sites for casting?

What are the most actor-packed sites for finding talent in LA? Backstage / Actor's Access? NowCasting? Craig's List?
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All of the ones that you mentioned, and whatever other sources you can come up with. Most of your applicants that you will receive from ANY source are really qualified to be "models" but not actors...they have no acting experience but feel that they are talented actors none the less. As you look at their resume, you are looking for actual "speaking" roles. Many beginning actors have done a dozen films as an "extra" but have never delivered a line of dialogue. HOWEVER, does this person have a lot of "theatre" experience...maybe the lead in some live theatrical productions. Terrific! Or maybe a beginner who has taken a lot of acting classes, showing that they are SERIOUS about acting. I've overstepped the bounds of your original question, but you will get "crap" applicants from whereever you place an ad. Be prepared.
Be prepared.
I produced a 90 minute movie about 15 years ago. About 85% to 90% of actors couldn't act or just didn't look the part.
The people who had done theater were definitely a cut above the rest.
Back then I would get 200 submissions for a role from NowCasting. Nowadays about 5 submissions. Not sure if the site is dead now or maybe $100 is not enough pay or maybe people don't want to be associated with a short that mocks Democrats. That's taboo in this town.