More Exhumed news!

Thanks Chimp!

More reviews keep coming out. Here's one that hit the web today...

"The film is captured with a stunning Black and White palette, by Director of Photographer, Ken Willinger and his team that gives the film a truly classic look and feel. It truly is a treat to look at. I just wish that at least half of the independent films being made today had this much effort put into them, as Griffin and company have done here. "
I'm really going to have to see it.

It would be nice to see a good horror film.

Sounds like the film has been praised for it's good cinematography :cool:
Thanks Chimp. The reviews also highly praise the acting, directing and screenwriting. Of course I pull the cinematography quotes : ) but the overall film, for such a low budget affair, is pretty darn good! I'd love for you to see it!