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service Modern classical film inspired music


Kinda repeating my self a bit here as I said this in the welcome page but I'm a modern classical pianist/composer, I mainly write for my self but I've always been a huge film fan as well and am looking to delve into and write music for independent film/shorts/adverts etc.

This is an orchestral based E.P (about 28 minutes long) I put out a couple of weeks ago. I did set my self a bit of challenge and see what I could do with all free instrument software as its not always about the price tag on a strings library its more the hours put in.

Then these two tracks are pretty new and I've just been having a play around as I really enjoy adding electronic elements into my writing as I love the orchestral sound but also a huge lover of electronic music.

Let me know what you think and if any needs some music for a project just let us know.