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Mini DV- Still Relevant?

I am thinking of buying a Sony HVR-Z7u, which records on Mini-DV. My question is- is Mini DV a platform that is still used professionally?

Right now I use a DSLR (Canon T3i) but I've been aching to get a camcorder instead of a DSLR for film. Any thoughts on that? Is this silly of me to get an older camera that was more professional when it was new?
Mini-DV = interlaced and probably standard definition. (If it is HDV: terrible looking codec.)
Unless you are going for that outdated look it is a terrible choice, not a professional one.
Yes, that is silly.

It was never even "professional" it was a prosumer grade format at a time when anything below film looked like pure garbage anyway
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No, it is not still used professionally. It's standard def which is now obsolete. And it's tape-based, which is a workflow less and less supported by NLEs.

Don't waste your time or your money.