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Mifed info needed


I'm looking for any information and any experiences any one has had about the Milan Mifed which is coming up in October.

I know it's one the largest Eurpean selling events, but I've no personal experience of the event. I've looked at their web site and it doesn't really give me the info I need. I'm just about to start a day's research by trawling through the trade papers online.

If you've either done business at the event or know anyone who has, that I can talk to, please share with me as it looks as though "No Place" is going to be ready ahead of schedule and we'd like to get it sold ASAP.



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It's the equivalent of the American Film Market. I've never been to MiFed but many of the distributors I have shot for go.

These markets are set up for distributors to sell rights to other distributors - not for filmmakers to sell rights to distributors.

An individual walking around trying to sell a single film is as frowned upon as it is at AFM. It happens (I got three great "bites" at AFM in February - though still no sale) but it's rare.

You may still have to find a distributor willing to add your film to their package. Buying a "booth" to sell one picture would be too expensive.

I work for the AFM, which is the largest film market in terms of the amount of business transacted. The AFM and MIFED do essentially the same thing, directorik has it right. I've been to MIFED once on the Exhibitor side and would be happy to tell you what I know about either market. Let me know what kind of info you're looking for.
Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

With the deadline for this event happening soon, and the film coming together faster than we expected, we have to make some choices of where we put our efforts.

We've got distributors interested in seeing the film, but obviously the opportunity to open dialogues with people, face to face, has always been our preference.

We're also looking at Mipcom, which is a TV event at Cannes.

Having missed both Cannes and Edinburgh deadlines, this year, has been unfortunate.

Instead of a distributor, do you know if sales agents also attend the event?

Any suggestions at this point, would be gratefully recieved.